[developers] CL-PPCRE 1.2.18

Dan Flickinger danf at csli.stanford.edu
Mon Dec 4 19:05:26 CET 2006

> Note also that something is broken in the current ERG with respect to 
> cfrom/cto on EPs (the values get lost, at least when running under the 
> LKB). I have no idea if this is relevant...

That disappearance of the CFROM/CTO values has been tracked down to
an inadvertent loss of information during copying of rels when doing
the variable property mapping (the type of the char-rels was not being
preserved).  The repair has been checked in to the LOGON CVS, and will
as usual get propagated to the DELPH-IN CVS as soon as we're done with
the current LOGON integration.


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