[developers] LOGON open source doesn't contain franz/?

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Tue Dec 5 11:14:29 CET 2006

hi eric,

> I've been trying to get the Japanese-English system working with the
> open source binaries and have run into some problems. When I attempt
> to start the system from emacs with M-x logon, it complains "Cannot
> open load file: fi-site-init".  This is located in the franz
> directory in the CVS version. In the open source version, this
> directory is empty. Francis said this code is freely distributable
> and should be included.  Am I missing something (in either meaning of
> the phrase)?

no and yes, i would say.  and so was i, though in the reverse sense.  i
think francis is as always right and i will include ELI files in future
LOGON builds.  still, we are not quite at the point where end-to-end MT
and all the scripts work with a binary-only system.  but pretty close,
and after christmas we have completed the final LOGON integration, and
i will be paid to work on packaging and documentation :-)

                                                          best  -  oe

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