[developers] Question about RMRS cfrom/cto in PET

Berthold Crysmann crysmann at dfki.de
Mon Dec 11 10:38:20 CET 2006

On Sun, 2006-12-10 at 23:45 +0100, Yi Zhang wrote:

> Hi all,
> I would like to ask about the current state of RMRS in PET. 
> The  cfrom/cto of EPs are defined  to be character spans. And I do get
> the correct cfrom/cto when using LKB alone. However, with the SVN PET
> compiled with recent LKB (from the logon cvs, with the patch for file
> name confliction of `rmrs/convert.lisp'), the cfrom/cto for eps seems
> to be token-based span, rather than the character span (see the
> attached outputs from PET). I get the same `token-based' span when I
> use the `tsdb::export-trees()' of the fine system to export RMRS in
> xml format from the treebank. 
> It will be appreciated if anyone can explain to me the current state
> of RMRS development, especially for the use in PET and itsdb. Is it
> possible at all to get the character span cfrom/cto in PET and/or tsdb
> `export' functionality? 
> Best,
> Yi

Hi Yi,

try experimenting with the -tok parameter: the yy_counts and xml_counts
parameter should give you character spans. 
You need to provide the input in yy or Pic format, though. 

Standard string input appears to give token positions.... Maybe we could
have this added as an option? 


> -----begin-----
> ...
> (1) `the dog barks' [0] --- 2 (0.00|0.01s) <7:58> (673.1K) [0.0s]
> derivation[1] (0.4371):the dog barks 
> <rmrs cfrom='-1' cto='-1'>
> <label vid='1'/> 
> <ep cfrom='0' cto='3'><gpred>prop-or-ques_m_rel</gpred><label
> vid='1'/><var sort='e' vid='2'/></ep>
> <ep cfrom='0' cto='2'><realpred lemma='the' pos='q'/><label
> vid='6'/><var sort='x' vid='7'/></ep> 
> <ep cfrom='1' cto='2'><realpred lemma='dog' pos='n' sense='1'/><label
> vid='10'/><var sort='x' vid='7'/></ep>
> <ep cfrom='2' cto='3'><realpred lemma='bark' pos='v' sense='1'/><label
> vid='11'/><var sort='e' vid='2'/></ep> 
> <rarg><rargname>MARG</rargname><label vid='1'/><var sort='h'
> vid='3'/></rarg>
> <rarg><rargname>RSTR</rargname><label vid='6'/><var sort='h'
> vid='8'/></rarg> 
> <rarg><rargname>BODY</rargname><label vid='6'/><var sort='h'
> vid='9'/></rarg>
> <rarg><rargname>ARG1</rargname><label vid='11'/><var sort='x'
> vid='7'/></rarg> 
> <hcons hreln='qeq'><hi><var sort='h' vid='3'/></hi><lo><label
> vid='11'/></lo></hcons>
> <hcons hreln='qeq'><hi><var sort='h' vid='8'/></hi><lo><label
> vid='10'/></lo></hcons> 
> </rmrs>
> ...
> -----end-----
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