[developers] [HoG] PET/ERG frontend

John Carroll J.A.Carroll at sussex.ac.uk
Fri Feb 2 16:43:46 CET 2007

On 2 Feb 2007, at 15:34, Ulrich Schaefer wrote:

> R. Bergmair wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am currently trying to RMRSify the RTE-3 datasets, i.e.
>>  - I have short independent snippets of English text,
>>    each containing a few (maybe up to three or four)
>>    sentences.
>>  - These snippets have not been preprocessed in
>>    any way: I don't know the sentence boundaries.
>>    I don't have any previous tokenization, and I
>>    don't have POS tags.
>>  - The sentences are reasonably short and simple,
>>    but they do contain a fair share of tokens
>>    unknown to the ERG lexicon.
>>  - For each sentence, I want to have the 5 or
>>    so best RMRSs.
>>  - It's important that I get reasonably knowledge-
>>    rich results, as my subsequent processing relies
>>    quite heavily on the actual logic of the sentences.
>> Now, what is the most straightfoward way of putting
>> together a frontend and middleware based on DELPH-IN
>> infrastructure [2] to make this happen?
>> I understand the HoG is supposed to be a plug-and-play
>> solution,
> yes, it does exactly what you want (except that you would  
> additionally need
> a RASP that generates RMRS -> Ann, couldn't you/we make a version
> available via DELPH-IN ? - the current official RASP is RMRS-less).

Ann: the development version of RASP in cvs in Cambridge should  
output RMRS OK. Well, it shouldn't give an error, although the  
grammar has changed a bit since the RMRS interpretation rules were  

We're working towards a new release of RASP in the next month or so.  
Apart from RMRS being available, the main change will be that it will  
be built on sbcl, at least for some platforms.


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