[developers] RMRS similarity

Ann Copestake Ann.Copestake at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sat Mar 17 15:37:33 CET 2007

there's some code in rmrs/compare.lisp (example calls in
rmrs/testing.lisp and rmrs/annlt.lisp - graphical interface in
lkb-acl-rmrs.lisp).  I've mostly used it for developing RASP-RMRS -
i.e., displaying ERG-RMRS and RASP-RMRS and showing the matches.  But
in principle it can also be used for weighted matching (very simple
example in annlt.lisp) in that the similarity computation returns a
set of records of matches and one can assign different weights to
different elements of that record.  In the situation where one is
comparing RMRSs from different text (i.e., no useful cfrom/cto), this
can be slow.  I believe others have done similar things but don't know
whether there's anything available.  

There are comments in the code, but no documentation.  I'm happy to
help if you need advice on specific points.


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