[developers] Question about generation in the LKB

Berthold Crysmann crysmann at dfki.de
Mon May 21 15:06:11 CEST 2007

Hi Francisco,

On Mon, 2007-05-21 at 11:45 +0100, Francisco Costa wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'd like to know if the LKB is still using two-phase generation as 
> described in Carroll et al.(1999) to improve efficiency with 
> intersective modifiers, or if the improvements described in Carroll and 
> Oepen (2005) have made it obsolete.
> In particular, peeking at the LKB source I find a warning message saying 
> that "intersective rules and variable accessibility filtering are 
> incompatible", so (1) I'd like to check with you that index 
> accessibility filtering is available and 

It is. 

> (2) what parameters should I 
> play with to switch between the two?

(setf *gen-filtering-p* t)

(setf *intersective-rule-names* nil)


(setf *gen-filtering-p* nil)

(setf *intersective-rule-names* 
  '((adjh_i . (1)) (nadj_rr_nt . (2))))

Look in erg/lkb/globals.lisp (or .lsp?)

For German, I cannot use index filtering together with efficient feature
restriction. But Portuguese is probably much more configurational, so
filtering will probably work quite well.


> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards
> Francisco Costa
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