[developers] Downloading problems - update

Pavel Mihaylov bin at bash.info
Tue Jul 3 13:56:34 CEST 2007

Hi Gertrud,

It might be a silly question, but did you actually install the 64-bit
version of Kubuntu? There are separate CDs for 32-bit and 64-bit
machines and the 32-bit version will also work on a 64-bit machine,
although able to run only 32-bit software.


ty den 03.07.2007 klokka 13:42 (+0200) skreiv G Faasz:
> Dear developers,
> as it was adviced by Francis Bond (THANKS!), I got (at last) an ubuntu  
> version (kubuntu) installed on our 64bit project pc. After following  
> all the installation instructions on the webpage, lkb is now up and  
> running!
> There is only one question left: When I executed the command
> sudo bash install --test --home ~/delphin
> I saw that actually the 32bit file (linux.x86.32) was downloaded. I  
> remember when we still tried with the Fedora 6, the linux.x86.64 file  
> was automatically chosen by the installation routine.
> May I ask if there is an explanation for that?
> Thanks a lot, many thanks also for all the previous advice
> Gertrud
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