[developers] memory issues in [incr tsdb()]

Dan Flickinger danf at csli.stanford.edu
Wed Aug 15 18:30:56 CEST 2007

Hi Rebecca -

If you're using a vanilla Lisp image, it may not allow a large enough
heap for what you want to do.  You (or the system administrator if 
you're not running on your own machine) can build a customized Lisp 
image which allows a much larger heap.  See the file 
(which is also pointed to on the DELPH-IN wiki, on the LKBCompilation

Once you've built this image, which will be called "bclim.dxl", you'll 
need to adjust your local settings so you invoke this image when you
start up your Lisp.

If this is too cryptic, maybe you can say more about your current
set-up (operating system, machine, etc.), and we can try to be more
precise about the steps needed.


> Hi,
> I keep running into:
> Error: An allocation request for 16 bytes caused a need for 122159104 more
>        bytes of heap.  The operating system will not make the space 
> available
>        because of a lack of swap space or some other operating system 
> imposed
>        limit or memory mapping collision.
>   [condition type: STORAGE-CONDITION]
> whenever I try and do an automatic update of a tree in [incr tsdb()] on 
> a 32-bit system. I thought it was because I was running out of memory on 
> my system and so switched to a different system but it still happens 
> when I have plenty of memory, I'm not even hitting swap. Incidently, it 
> doesn't happen when I switch to a 64-bit machine, but that causes other 
> issues. I've trawled the archives looking for solutions but maybe I've 
> missed something? Is there any variable (environment, [incr tsdb()], 
> etc) that I can set to stop it crashing?
> Thanks,
> Rebecca

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