[developers] problems producing xmlrmrs from pet (fwd)

R. Bergmair rb432 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Sep 15 12:19:45 CEST 2007

Hi everyone!

Has anyone tried PET xmlrmrs output recently?

I'm now using the newest versions of everything:

   -- ERG as released in delphin build (2007-08-21)
   -- PET checked out today (svn revision 368)
   -- MRS code from LKB checked out today (2007-09-14)

I run PET as follows:

    $DELPHINHOME/pet/bin/cheap -mrs=rmrx $DELPHINHOME/erg/english

What I get is something along the lines of "No MRS" for
rmrx, rmrs, or mrs output, but it works just fine for
mrx output.



reading `/local/scratch/rb432/delphin/erg/pet/english.set'... including 
loading `/local/scratch/rb432/delphin/erg/english.grm' (LinGO (Jul-07)) reading 
ME model `/local/scratch/rb432/delphin/erg/jhpstg.mem'... [896925 features] 
read-vpm(): reading file `semi.vpm'.

73734 types in 5.1 s
The dog barks.
(1) `the dog barks.' [0] --- 2 (0.00|0.01s) <7:59> (756.8K) [0.0s]
derivation[1] (-0.5675):the dog barks.

derivation[2] (-1.729):the dog barks.


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