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Sat Feb 9 16:04:34 CET 2008


as i was about to reply to the message below, i noticed andreas had not
sent it to the original `Cc:' list.  too bad!  so, their belief is that
CLIM now has much improved international character support (except for
menu items and button labels, which seems forgivable).

i finally tried these patches on Linux (64-bit, Fedora 7), and things
seem to work the way i think they should.  but i only tried Norwegian
accented characters, and those already worked well with the earlier
version of the CLIM patches that we had received from andreas.  input
of accented characters in the `Parse | Parse input' window is okay, as
is output to the tree, AVM, MRS, and tree comparison windows.

the LOGON tree now includes these patches, but before we can make them
part of the official LinGO builds, i think there should be testing for
Japanese and Korean.  francis, jong-bok, and professor yang, could you 
between yourselves give these patches a whirl (which requires at least
one of you holding a license for ACL)?  please note that i think it may
be important to get the shell LANG variable and the ACL-internal locale
into harmony; furthermore, i suspect the ACL locale must be set before
the first CLIM window is created, e.g. at Lisp start-up.  this can be
accomplished by running, e.g.  

  alisp -I clim -locale ja_JP.UTF-8

it seems the latest CLIM patches are not yet on the official download
page for ACL patches.  since we pressed Franz a little, it would seem
best if we can get feedback to them as soon as possible.

if at all possible, i would recommend everyone to use UTF-8 these days.
it is quickly becoming the de-facto standard, and it can make it a lot
easier to get all software to agree on the correct encoding ...

                                                   best wishes  -  oe

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Subject: Re: [developers] [spr30362] bug using climxm 
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 03:04:24 -0800
From: Andreas Fuchs <afuchs at franz.com>

Francis, Stephan,

here are the patch files I promised. These are not official downloads
yet (so not yet available via update-allegro). To install them, make a
backup copy of code/climxm.so if it exists, and unzip/untar them in the
top-level allegro 8.1 directory.

Should you need to uninstall the files, remove code/clim*.001 and copy
the code/climxm.so backup copy to its original place.

This is what's changed in this patch:

 * Debugging output for input/ouput and the font code. If you find any
   problems with the patches, please include their output to
   *terminal-io*/*debug-io* in reports.

 * Support for input of international characters via the XIM facility in
   Motif text-fields and stream panes.

 * Support for output of international characters on stream panes via the
   X multibyte output facility.

 * Filling-output no longer goes into infinite loops on non-space break

 * Minimum width of text fields on Windows for sizes smaller than 20
   chars uses the specified width.

 * Text editors in windows now report the correct cursor position after
   the first line.

One internationalization issue was not yet fixed (but will be once I
finish adding enhanced support for Motif 2.3): Labeled gadgets like
buttons and menu items support no international characters except those
encodable in latin1 or euc-jp. This requires support for unicode and
unicode text rendering that is new in Motif 2.3, which does not work
sufficiently well with CLIM yet.

These are the download URLs:



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