[developers] [afuchs at franz.com: Re: [spr30362] bug using climxm]

Dan Flickinger danf at csli.stanford.edu
Wed Feb 13 05:13:50 CET 2008

Hi Stephan -

Prof. Yang and I jointly tried out the bug fix for the Korean grammar
(on cypriot) and so far we only have partial success.  We can now paste 
Korean characters into the LKB Parse input window, and see them there, 
and then parse successfully.  But unfortunately the leaf nodes of the
parse trees and the discriminants in the Compare window are still
mangled.  It is of course possible that we did not quite get the
locale settings properly set, but we think we did, so we would 
appreciate some counsel (perhaps from Francis) on how to proceed, or
what in particular we should check.  One thing that confuses me
is how the parse-tree drawing engine chooses the font that it will
use to print the nodes of the parse tree.  It looks to me as if it
is hard-wired into the code that the font family and face will be 
:sans-serif and :roman, respectively, and I don't know if these are
sensible for Korean.



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