[developers] Preprocessor with Korean

Dan Flickinger danf at csli.stanford.edu
Fri Mar 14 01:56:12 CET 2008


My colleague Professor Yang has been experimenting with the LKB's
preprocessor machinery for the Korean grammar, and encountered an
error which we find difficult to interpret.  We are using the
--test version of the LKB downloaded from the DELPH-IN website last 
week, and we can reproduce the error using the pre-built 'lkb' image
for each of 32-bit and 64-bit Linux machines.

I attach a copy of this experimental version of the Korean grammar, 
including the file 'preprocessor.fsr' which contains just two rules.
When the function lkb::preprocess is called with its argument being
the string that appears as the first line in the file 'xxx.items',
this error is produced:

Error: `NIL' is not of the expected type `REAL'
  [condition type: TYPE-ERROR]

Interestingly, if the order of the two rules in 'preprocessor.fsr'
is reversed and the preprocessor is reloaded, this error disappears,
even though the two rules do not feed or bleed each other.  And if
either rule is removed from the file and the preprocessor reloaded,
again the error does not occur.

We hope this is enough information to enable a solution to the

With best regards


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