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Rebecca Dridan rdrid at dridan.com
Sat Mar 15 16:17:13 CET 2008

Hi C.J.

In case no one has got back to you, the following email will probably 
help you get around the problems with RMRS and PET.

Hope that helps.


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Subject: 	[developers] How To Enable RMRS Output in PET SVN
Date: 	Tue, 5 Dec 2006 14:44:56 +0900
From: 	Eric Nichols <eric-n at is.naist.jp>
To: 	developers at delph-in.net


Since it seems that several people have tried upgrading their PET to the 
current SVN version
and discovering that RMRS output is broken, I though I would post this 
workaround for those
who absolutely need it working.

To briefly summarize, there is a naming conflict between two modules in 
the LKB source that
seems to only appear when built with ECL. Renaming one of the files 
works as a temporary
solution, but we are trying to find a solution that is implementable in 
PET. The issue has been
discussed in several threads:


As a workaround, you can apply the folowing patch to your LKB source to 
restore RMRS output.
However, in its current state, you will lose the cfrom/cto values.

--Eric Nichols

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