[developers] using PET in 64-bit mode

Francis Bond fcbond at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 14:08:01 CEST 2008


> 2008/8/8 Bernd Kiefer <kiefer at dfki.de>:
>> PET is compilable on 64 bit machines for quite a while already. I remember
>> that somebody (i think it was Eric, not quite sure) said that results on 32
>> bit and 64 bit PET were different for some grammars.
>> Maybe the grammar writers could check this by comparing the results of their
>> 32 bit test runs against the 64 bit PET version. If there are differences,
>> we can sure pin them down (Peter already has gained some experience with
>> this lately :-)
> Sorry to be so slow to get round to this.
> On the same grammar (a fresh download of jacy from svn) on a 1500 item
> test-suite, running on the ubuntu 32bit and 64bit packages there were
> differences in 32 sentences.

My apologies.   I found that I wasn't running them with exactly the
same parameters, when I do, the 32bit and 64bit cheap parses are
identical (except for the speed).

This, for Jacy, there now appear to be no differences.

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