[developers] variable type mapping as part of VPM

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Thu Aug 7 16:44:05 CEST 2008

hi zhang yi,

i am about to check in changes to the (Lisp) VPM code, to finally have
the mappings from grammar-internal to MRS variables be part of the VPM
too (such that, among other things, the mapping can be bidirectional).
adding these to the ERG `semi.vpm' (see attachment), cheap complains:

  Invalid line while reading vpm.

the intention is that variable type mappings take the same form as the
variable property mappings, but they occur outside a block of property
name correspondencnes, i.e. before any X : Y statements.

conceptually, this extension of the VPM makes the following obsolete, i

  mrs-event-type := event.
  mrs-event-or-index-type := individual.
  mrs-deg-ind-type := deg-ind.
  mrs-non-expl-ind-type := non_expl-ind.
  mrs-handle-type := handle.
  mrs-ref-ind-type := ref-ind.
  mrs-non-event-type := non_event.

in the LKB, the old way of mapping variable types will remain available
(for backwards compatibility, at least for some time), but for PET i am
tempted to suggest we build the new MRS code without such legacy (other
than the ERG, no grammars support native MRS mode in PET yet, i think)?

either way, would you have time to extend the PET VPM implementation?

                                                   best wishes  -  oe

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