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Peter Adolphs Peter.Adolphs at dfki.de
Wed Oct 8 18:18:24 CEST 2008


Joshua Hou wrote:
> I'm working on a web-interface to increase the lexicon of a Grammar
> Matrix grammar.  The interface will have some sort of survey to query
> native speakers on different words that fit the existing types in the
> grammar.  This is not a machine learning project, but rather an
> interface that allows language consultants to increase the size of the
> lexicon.  Has anybody worked on something similar?

I think Gambäck (1992) presented a system for Swedish where the user
would provide a base form and its part of speech, and would then have to
answer several questions to narrow down the morphological, syntactic and
semantic properties of that item.

Lezius (1996) and Lezius et al (1999) describe how they acquired
inflectional stems + inflectional classes with the help of acceptability
judgements of a (non-professional) user.

Gambäck, Björn. 1992. "Lexical Acquisition: the Swedish VEX System". In:
Ahrenberg, L. (ed.). Papers from the 3rd Nordic Conference on Text
Comprehension in Man and Machine, pp. 59-70, Linköping University,
Linköping, Sweden. Also available as SICS Research Report R92:12,
Stockholm, Sweden.

Lezius, Wolfgang. 1996. "Morphologiesystem Morphy". In: Hausser, Roland
(ed.). Linguistische Verifikation: Dokumentation zur ersten
Morpholympics 1994. pp. 25-35. Niemeyer.

Lezius, Wolfgang; Fitschen, Arne & Heid, Ulrich. 1999.
"Datenbankbasierte Verwaltung und Pflege morphologischer Information im
IMSLex". In: Jost Gippert und P. Olivier (Hrsg.): Multilinguale Corpora:
Codierung, Strukturierung, Analyse. 11. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft
für Linguistische DatenVerarbeitung, Prag: Enigma Corporation. pp. 122-131.



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