[developers] Converting TDL lexicon to LexDB dump

Joshua Hou jshou at u.washington.edu
Mon Nov 17 10:01:33 CET 2008

Hello Developers,

I'm trying to convert my TDL lexicon into LexDB dump format and use LexDB as the grammar's lexicon.  I can connect to the lexicon database (called "lil" in my case).  I think the right tables exist.  This is what I get:

lil=> \d
       List of relations
 Schema | Name | Type  | Owner
 public | dfn  | table | lexdb
 public | fld  | table | lexdb
 public | meta | table | lexdb
 public | rev  | table | lexdb
(4 rows)

lil=> select * from dfn;
 slot  |    field    |            path            |    type   
 id    | name        |                            | sym
 orth  | orthography |                            | str-rawlst
 unifs | keyrel      | (synsem lkeys keyrel pred) | mixed
 unifs | orthography | (stem)                     | str-lst
 unifs | type        | nil                        | sym
(5 rows)


I loaded the grammar and initialized lexdb. 
LKB(3): (initialize-lexdb :dbname "lil" :user "lexdb")
;     [file not found]
; Foreign loading libpq.so.5.0.
;     [file not found]
; Foreign loading libpq.so.

Warning: using LexDB param :type = ':MULTI-USER'
         (please set this explicitly in *lexdb-params*)
#<MU-PSQL-LEX-DATABASE @ #x100a1df7f2>

Next, I clicked "LKB > Lexicon > Import TDL Entries to Lexicon" in the
Emacs window, and get the following:

(LexDB) importing TDL entries...
Reading in lexical entry file lexicon
(LexDB) no DFN entries

I have a DFN table, so I'm not really sure what's going on here.  My LKB
Top window does not have a LexDB button, even after expanding the menu. 
Any ideas?

Thanks so much,


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