[developers] migrating from CVS to SVN

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Wed Jan 14 20:44:11 CET 2009

dear all,

for a while already, we have had a DELPH-IN SVN (aka SubVersion) server
available, which is essentially a more modern variant of CVS.  i would
now like to propose that we start moving resources out of the LinGO CVS
server (hosted at CSLI), and into DELPH-IN SVN (hosted at UiO).

dan is preparing a new ERG release (using the new chart mapping utility
in PET), and we would like to use the opportunity to migrate the ERG to
SVN.  quite few of you actually take their ERG copies straight from CVS
(most use the automated installer, i believe; or the LOGON tree), and i
believe even fewer have written ERG files to CVS in the past.  so, most
of you need not read any further, actually.

later this week, we will transfer the CVS revision history for the ERG
into the DELPH-IN SVN repository.  over the weekend, dan will put the
forthcoming ERG release into SVN.  and sometime next week, we hope we
can announce general availability of this version.

the old CVS repository (for the ERG) will remain functional but should
be viewed as read-only at that point.  SVN will provide anonymous read-
only access, and i anticipate more people might opt to obtain copies of
the ERG directly from SVN in the future.

LinGO CVS accounts will become DELPH-IN SVN accounts, and there dan can
grant SVN write access to the ERG as he deems appropriate.  in summary,
the world will be a better place (sooner or later).  should you expect
you might be affected by this move and would like us to postpone this,
please let dan and me know immediately!

as relatively few people are directly involved in this move, i view it
as a test for doing something similar to the LKB code base eventually.
more on that, once we have completed migration of the ERG ...

                                                     all best  -  oe

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