[developers] Lexdb settings

Joshua Hou jshou at u.washington.edu
Tue Jan 20 08:07:19 CET 2009

Hello Developers,

I'm still having trouble connecting to the lexdb database.  I'm not
entirely sure how to get the settings right.  I tried typing the
following command according to the wiki, but got an error:

LKB(2): lkb::*lexdb-params* ((:dbname "lil" :user "lexdb"))

LKB(3): Error: Illegal function object: (:DBNAME "lil" :USER "lexdb").
  [condition type: TYPE-ERROR]
I also set *lexdb-params* to ((:dbname "lil" :user "lexdb")) from LkbTop
> Options > Set Options... after loading my grammar to ensure that the
settings are associated with the grammar, but got the following error:
Warning: using LexDB param :type = ':MULTI-USER'
         (please set this explicitly in *lexdb-params*)
;;; WARNING: malformed param entry ':DBNAME' in '((:DBNAME
Error: please set :dbname in *lexdb-params*
Does anyone have any insight on how to get the settings right?

Thanks so much,


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