[developers] tsdb issue

R. Bergmair rb432 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 16 17:50:17 CET 2009


On Mon, 16 Feb 2009, Stephan Oepen wrote:

> exactly which version of the ERG do you have, i.e. which SVN URL did
> you use?

I'm using http://svn.emmtee.net/erg/trunk

>  in case you want to experiment with the forthcoming release
> of the ERG (version 0902, aka feb-09),

Yes.  Dan and Ann tell me that it should be stable enough by now,
that it would be possible for me to treebank the data I need now,
and not have to re-treebank anything later, when the new version
is "officially" released.

> there are quite a few revisions
> to core assumptions in this release, where we are still ironing out the
> fine points of end-to-end software support.

Yes, so that's why I'd rather work with the experimental version
now than build my software (which works off of the MRSes) around
the old assumptions.

> same time, this version uses the new chart mapping functionality (see
> Adolphs et al. (2008) for background), thus requires PET binaries from
> the so-called `cm' branch.  pre-compiled binaries and [incr tsdb()] cpu
> definitions are included with the LOGON tree (see LogonTop and PetInput
> in the wiki).

Yes, arrival of the new chart mapping preprocessor in PET is
also eagerly anticipated from my side...  The particular setup
I was using for the treebanking today was using the LKB, though.
Do you think that is what might be causing my particular
"amnesia" symptom?  Are you saying that I will need to use PET
instead for the new grammar?  Will the grammar not remain
compatible with the old preprocessing architecture?  Is the
chart-mapping preprocessor (currently / going to be) implemented
in the LKB as well, or just in PET?

> we plan to email more about the exact nature of changes once this ERG
> release is complete.  if you decide to start experimentation before we
> get to that point (which should be before the end of this month :-) and
> still experience the amnesia problem with the LOGON tree, are there any
> messages printed into the *common-lisp* buffer or to your terminal?  i
> would obviously hate to see [incr tsdb()] suffer from amnesia, as it is
> barely in its teenage years now :-)!

This is what I'm currently seeing:

   [16:30:13] browse-tree(): `fracas-new' --- item # 4
   [16:30:13] browse-tree(): retrieved item # 4 (2 parses).
   [16:30:13] browse-tree(): retrieved 1 tree record.
   [16:30:13] browse-tree(): reconstructed 2 edges.
   [16:30:13] browse-tree(): retrieved 6 decisions.
   [16:30:13] set-up-compare-frame(): found 5 discriminants.

   [4] `Some Italian men are great tenors.'

I'll get an LKB source tree from the SVN now, and let you know
what happens with that.



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