[developers] tsdb issue

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Mon Feb 16 17:13:51 CET 2009

hi richard,

> I've been doing some treebanking with, I believe, the most recent
> versions of LKB and ERG (LKB downloaded from the Stanford HTTP
> server, build 2009-02-06, ERG from the LOGON SVN, revision 1418).

exactly which version of the ERG do you have, i.e. which SVN URL did
you use?  in case you want to experiment with the forthcoming release
of the ERG (version 0902, aka feb-09), there are quite a few revisions
to core assumptions in this release, where we are still ironing out the
fine points of end-to-end software support.  this development is using
the `trunk' of the LOGON tree, and even though i merge back changes at
regular intervals, just now i would recommend using the LOGON tree for
all experimentation with such a pre-release version of the ERG.  at the
same time, this version uses the new chart mapping functionality (see
Adolphs et al. (2008) for background), thus requires PET binaries from
the so-called `cm' branch.  pre-compiled binaries and [incr tsdb()] cpu
definitions are included with the LOGON tree (see LogonTop and PetInput
in the wiki).

we plan to email more about the exact nature of changes once this ERG
release is complete.  if you decide to start experimentation before we
get to that point (which should be before the end of this month :-) and
still experience the amnesia problem with the LOGON tree, are there any
messages printed into the *common-lisp* buffer or to your terminal?  i
would obviously hate to see [incr tsdb()] suffer from amnesia, as it is
barely in its teenage years now :-)!

                                                   best wishes  -  oe

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