[developers] Weird GUI behavior on new ubuntu machine

Francis Bond fcbond at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 00:39:07 CET 2009


2009/2/26 Yi Zhang <yzhang at coli.uni-sb.de>:
>> Also, the text input in the  [incr
>> tsdb()] podium doesn't work, and when I quit (by selecting Quit in the
>> lkb top menu or by typing :exit at the lisp prompt)  my emacs ceases
>> to head any keyboard input.
> i used to have similar problem with text input with tcl/tk GUIs.
> my experience suggests that it might be related to the input methods
> engine, say SCIM. maybe one can try to disable the input method and see
> if that helps. there was a discussion on the lkb list:
> http://lists.delph-in.net/archive/lkb/2006/000128.html

We also had scim problems --- it wants applications to be compiled
with exactly the same g++ version as it it, and swish is often more
conservative than the latest ubuntu/fedora.  We therefore switched to
using UIM for our input method, and removed scim.   If there were some
way for itsdb to use the system's tcl/tk then this problem would also
go away :-).

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