[developers] Partial success with unicode fonts

Berthold Crysmann crysmann at ifk.uni-bonn.de
Thu Mar 12 17:19:53 CET 2009

Dear  all, 

a few weeks ago I posted a question regarding unicode fonts in

Meanwhile I have partial success with display of unicode characters in
LOGON: if the ISO-10646-1 encoded font appears before the ISO-8859-1
font in my font path, display of unicode characters works at *standard*
display size (Helvetica, Roman 12pt). 

What does not work at present is:

1. Display of bold face. 

	- Simple MRS
	- Chart display
	- Leaf nodes in tree display
	- Values (e.g. ORTH) in feature structures

2. Display of sizes other than 12pt

	- Input dialogues (Parse|Parse input, View|Word entries)

3. Display in LUI

        - yzlui does not show the glyphs
        - pangolui has layout problems (bar only displays lower half of
each char)

Internally, processing of the characters ƙ, ɓ and ɗ is fine, even
uppercasing works. 

It seems the LKB (or CLIM) insists on using an iso8859-1 encoded font
here. If I remove the iso8859-1 fonts (but not the iso10646 font, of
course), I get an error message saying that the helvetica iso8859-1 font
could not be loaded and fixed is used instead (also with iso8859-1, not

Apparently there is a problem with font initialisation, either on the
part of the LKB or the underlying CLIM.

Any help/comments/advice on the following questions would be

1. I currently have a set of patched LKB function that disable use of
bold face. Although this is not ideal, it works except for dialogues. 

So: How can I make CLIM dialogues use the default 12pt roman font
instead of 10pt?

2. Is it possible to fix font initialisation on the LKB side? Or is that
an upstream CLIM bug? 

If it is an LKB problem, who would be able to fix it? I can provide the
fonts (with installation instructions) and some description to reproduce
the bug. Anything else needed?

If it is a problem with CLIM, can you pass this bug report on to Franz?
If you need any more detail, please let me know.    

Thanks a lot in advance for your help. 



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