[developers] Is fs.lisp supposed to create grid output directories?

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Tue Mar 3 11:58:59 CET 2009

hi again, bill,

> I ran load --binary fc.jh03.lisp.  This process ran for about 3 hours.  When
> it was done, it had created an fc.mlm file in the tsdb/home/jh03 directory
> as I would have expected.  However it also created various
> [jh03] GP[4] +PT -LEX CW[2] +AE NS[4] NT[type] +NB LM[0] FT[:::1] RS[]
> MM[tao_lmvm] ...
> directories with varying values for RT, AT, and VA.  These directories
> contain empty fold and score files.  I was surprised by the creation of
> these directories, since I expect them to be created by the grid step and
> not the feature caching step.
> Is this a bug?

more like a miracle, i would say.  looking at the time stamps of those
directories, are you quite sure they were created by the feature cache
operation?  if so, could you forward me (in private email) the log file
for that run?

more high-level: i am wondering whether to move this kind of discussion 
to the more restricted `logon' mailing list?  since the parse selection
experiments are only supported in the LOGON tree anyway, these days, it
may be that the `logon' list gives a better approximation of the target 
audience for this discussion?

shall we just say that `developers' who want to follow the debugging of
the parse selection (and other MaxEnt) tools should sign up at:


                                                   best wishes  -  oe

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