[developers] What is the deal with the skeleton virtual profiles?

Francis Bond fcbond at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 07:44:24 CET 2009


>> When you create a new virtual profile in the logon system, you also have to
>> create a corresponding "skeleton" in an LKB directory.  What is the deal
>> with this skeleton?  What does it do, why is is necessary?  What happens if
>> I leave it out?  How do you create one?  I remember when I was working with
>> Francis on the Japanese setup, the skeleton and the virtual profile
>> directories were softlinked together.  Is this sufficient.

++tsdb wants to have a skeleton file everytime it creates a profile.
It can, in fact, create one from a profile, but doesn't.  This is
because it wants to keep open the possibility of changing the
relations file (and thus the structure of the database).  I would
think a patch to make the skeleton optional (e.g. to deduce one from
the profile when possible) but use the specified one if given, would
be a good thing: Stephan, what do you think?

>> PS.  Is there a logon-specific mailing list.  Stephan suggested I use that
>> instead of devleopers, but I don't have a contact email for it.

I think this is relevant to all developers, and so have sent it to
that list --- we all use [incr tsdb()] don't we?

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