[developers] location of .sty files for LaTeX output from LKB?

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Mon Mar 16 15:18:20 CET 2009

hi ann,

> do we have a standard location for .sty files with the appropriate
> macros for the various types of LaTeX output from the LKB?  I think I
> have appropriate local copies for the things I have defined, which I
> will happily check in if they aren't to be found anywhere currently,
> but I don't know where to find the macros for the mrs LaTeX output as
> defined in mrs/basemrs.lisp

i think it would be good to collect such style files as part of the LKB
source tree, say as `lkb/tex/' or `lkb/src/tex/'.  i would be happy to
release the MRS macros i originally wrote for the LOGON book, although
i am painfully aware of a few remaining glitches in these macros.  what
other LaTeX output functionality is there in the LKB?  regarding LUI, i
believe that is using `standard' style files (AVMs by chris manning and
qtree) for its LaTeX output, but it might nevertheless make sense if we
included those macros too in the LKB source tree?

do you want to start a directory in CVS and put in your macros (AVMs, i
suspect)?  and then i add the MRS macros and those assumed by LUI?

                                                    best wishes  -  oe

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