[developers] Mysterious Japanese grammar hang

Stephan Oepen stephan.oepen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 11:20:55 CEST 2009

are there any LUI-related function calls in the latest JACY sources,  
by any chance?  e.g. something like lui-initialize()?  i suspect my  
‘load’ script already unsets LUI, but i'll check ...

cheers, oe

On Jul 14, 2009, at 9:47 AM, Francis Bond <bond at ieee.org> wrote:

> G'day,
> CCed to developers in the interest of greater openness.
> 2009/7/14 W.P. McNeill (UW) <billmcn at u.washington.edu>:
>> The
>> Japanese parse ranking experiment that you helped me set up  
>> mysteriously stopped working over the weekend.  I haven't changed  
>> anything in the setup since the time that it worked, so I presume  
>> something else in the system around it changed.
>> When I try to run a Tanaka grid point with the load script it hangs  
>> at the following point during grammar loading:
>> ...
>> Checking type hierarchy
>> Checking for unique greatest lower bounds
>> Expanding constraints
>> Making constraints well formed
>> [12:07:11] gc-after-hook(): {L#32 N=43m O=0 E=66%} [S=891m R=203m].
>> [12:07:12] gc-after-hook(): {L#33 N=68m O=0 E=39%} [S=891m R=283m].
>> Expanding defaults
>> Type file checked successfully
>> Computing display ordering
>> A full log is attached.
>> The process appears to be hung because yzlui is waiting for input  
>> from
> If you aren't using LUI, I recommend adding "unset LUI" to your
> script.  Saves some CPU and may have other beneficial effects.
>> Do you have any idea what is going on here?  The only thing that  
>> has changed
>> is that the sys admin did some file system reconfiguration.  It  
>> shouldn't
>> make a difference, but I'm wondering if there's some set of cached  
>> files
>> that the Japanese grammar needs that it can no longer see.
>> My workaround is to remove the line that loads the grammar from the  
>> load
>> script, but I'd like to know what is going wrong here.
> I'm not really sure.  Does the grammar load OK interactively?  I tried
> that version on a recent logon, and it loaded with no problems,
> although I didn't try a batch.
> -- 
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> Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
> Nanyang Technological University

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