[developers] chart mapping and batch processing

Stephan Oepen stephan.oepen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 10:42:19 CEST 2009


parsing with the ERG depends on pre-processing (REPP & PoS tagging)  
that is currently available from the Lisp universe only, i.e. as an  
[incr tsdb()] :preprocessor hook in the cpu definition.  hence these  
two components of the ERG need to be loaded into the [incr tsdb()]  
controller.  loading ‘rpp/setup.lsp’ from the ERG should be  
sufficient, as i believe the basic TnT configuration is done in the  
LOGON tree already.

i hope to work with dr. dridan later this year on native REPP support  
in PET, but that will still leave the issue of interfacing to TnT ...

best, oe

On Jul 28, 2009, at 4:06 AM, Francis Bond <bond at ieee.org> wrote:

> G'day,
> I notices that when I tried to use the ERG with chart mapping as the
> parse grammar in EnJa, that it fails in batch mode (e.g. with cpu
> :en2ja) because the repp setup does not get loaded.  Is there anyway
> around this that does not involve loading a redundant fourth grammar
> (erg or enja) in the itsdb controller?
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> Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
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