[developers] new flop & increased version for grammar dumps

Peter Adolphs Peter.Adolphs at dfki.de
Tue Jul 28 19:21:21 CEST 2009


FYI: I've checked in a new version of flop in the main and cm branches of PET
that produce grammar dumps with a stable partition of all types into leaf and
proper types, i.e. they are now arranged in the same order as they are defined
in the TDL files. I also changed cheap to store and apply the rules in the order
as they are defined in the grammar dumps instead of the reverse order, as it was
up until now. The changes will become part of the LOGON Barcelona release.

These changes are crucial for chart mapping, because the rules have to be
applied in the order as they are defined in the source files. They should not
affect normal parsing since this is a monotonic operation and the order of rule
applications should not matter. The performance of both flop and cheap wasn't
affected according to my experiments.

Because of the changes, the version number of the grammar dumps were increased
to 17. Thus, if you load a grammar in the older format with a newer cheap or a
grammar in the newer format with an older cheap, you will get a warning. If
you're not using chart mapping, this can be safely ignored.



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