[developers] Selecting start symbols in web demo

Berthold Crysmann crysmann at ifk.uni-bonn.de
Mon Aug 17 22:29:24 CEST 2009

Dear all, 

does anyone know how to make use of the "allow" option in the LOGON web

I tried, using the ERG, but it seems even with fragments unchecked,
fragment analyses  still pop up, i.e. I can't see no difference.  

The "unknown word" option by contrast appears to work as expected. 

Reason I ask, because my attempts at using this functionality for my HaG
demo have so far not been fruitful: Whatever I specify in www/setup.lsp,
I do get the buttons, but what counts as a start-symbol still seems to
depend exclusively on what has been specified in the Pet config files. 

Any help, pointer etc. are highly appreciated. 



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