[developers] HOWTO limit the number of generation results in the online demo?

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Sat Aug 29 18:13:47 CEST 2009

hi berthold,

> in order to make the generation demo a bit more responsive on sentences
> with tens or hundreds of realisations, I would like to restrict the
> number of analyses that are returned from the forest to some reasonable
> value, say, the top 20. 
> However, setting values as given below in the lisp file loading the
> generation grammar does not seem to have any effect. Any help would be
> appreciated. 
> (set (intern "*TSDB-MAXIMAL-NUMBER-OF-RESULTS*" :tsdb) 20)


i think that would have to be *tsdb-maximal-number-of-analyses* rather,
and you would have to set it in the master [incr tsdb()] process, which
will pass on its current value to the processing clients.  however, the
on-line demonstrator controls for exhaustive vs. n-best search predated
the introduction of selective unpacking, and so parsing and generation
always performed an exhaustive search.  which was silly, and i have now
changed the code to run in n-best mode by default.  this means improved
efficiency and potentially better ranking.

> How do I browse more than the top 5 generation results? 

furthermore, the `show: X results' control did not apply to generation,
so no matter what you did it would use the default value of 5.  i have
just changed this behavior, so please give the latest version a try.

                                                        cheers  -  oe

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