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Stefan Müller Stefan.Mueller at fu-berlin.de
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Hi Valia,

> I thought that 'wars' were trendy till the end of the '90s, 


See page 2.

This paper is "to appear" for a long time now. Maybe it is from the
'90s. =;-)

Sproat and Lappins "Challenge" on the Linguist List was in 2005.

> and that the
> nots were dedicated to cross-fertilisation of fields, theories, ideas,
> etc. :-)

That is what I do in the grammar theory text book. I try to show that
there is a converging consensus in many areas. Examples: Verb position
in German (GB, GPSG, HPSG), phrasal constructions (CxG, Cognitive
Grammar, Simpler Syntax, HPSG, LFG), inheritance (HPSG, CxG, Simpler
Syntax, LFG).

What I argue is that formalization is good for everybody. Including
GB/MP and CxG despite publications to the contrary by Chomsky and Goldberg.

I think this is important, since there are people like Ten Hacken who
argue from a philosophy of science view point that GB and GPSG are
belonging to different types of sciences: empirical and formal.

author = {Pius {ten Hacken}},
title = {Chomskyan Linguistics and Its Competitors},
publisher = {Equinox Publishing Ltd.},
address = {London},
year = 2007

See the end of Chapter 3 of my book.

> http://www.linguistics.ucla.edu/people/stabler

How could I forget about this? I even sat in an ESSLLI course of his
.... 14 years ago ...


Best wishes


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