[developers] Consolidation of PET documentation

Bernd Kiefer kiefer at dfki.de
Sat Oct 23 14:50:08 CEST 2010

That was my idea, too. So we have all the PET related stuff in one

And thanks for the permission to copy.


On 22.10.2010 18:17, Francis Bond wrote:
> G'day,
>> To be frank, i've copied and edited pages from the DELPH-IN wiki. I
>> hope nobody does mind that his contributions have now been copied
>> to a different place. If that would be the case, please contact me
>> and i'll delete / re-edit the parts in question.
> Anything I wrote you are welcome to (it's mainly summaries from mail).
>> There's still a vast amount to be moved, and even more editing
>> necessary to reflect the current state, but i have to do that
>> incrementally. Help is greatly appreciated.
> Should we remove stuff from the DELPH-IN page and just point to the
> Trac-wiki?  If we have two wikis going at once I suspect we will have
> synchronization problems...

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