[developers] Getting MRS elementary triples from batch parsing?

Francis Bond bond at ieee.org
Mon Aug 29 15:57:01 CEST 2011


> when you say 'smrs', 'omrs', and 'pmrs', what exactly do you have in mind?
> are these MRSs associated to different stages in an MT setup, or something
> rather different?

Yes, these are the output from parsing source, target and partial
transfer respectively.

> in general, the conversion of an MRS to ED triples is probably best done in
> a post-processing step, e.g. by exporting (or possibly 'thinning') a
> profile.  the
> 'redwoods' script in the LOGON tree has support for exporting into quite a few
> different formats, including ED triples.  note that 'redwoods' (in $LOGONROOT)
> supersedes the older 'export' or 'itsdb' scripts ...

We were wondering if there were some way to overload another field in
result (maybe surface, which we don't use here) and directly write the
triples to it (thus avoiding another round of processing).

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