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Emily M. Bender ebender at uw.edu
Tue Dec 6 18:45:27 CET 2011

Dear all,

I believe this is really a topic for discussion at the next
Summit, but I thought I might be helpful to send a message
out now, as well (and was prompted to do so by the
request that I received below).

It seems to me that as the DELPH-IN resources have
gotten more complex (and therefore more useful), they
have also gotten harder for the uninitiated to use.  In
other words, we've not kept up with documentation.

I've directed the fellow who wrote the message below to the
ERG's website, which I doubt will be very helpful for him.
Is there already some site which explains how to set
up/use the DELPH-IN stack to do parsing of English (or
Japanese or ...) test, what kind of preprocessing is required,
and what format the output will be in?  (Similarly, it
would be nice to have that documentation for generation,
too, but so far it seems like parsing is in more demand.)


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From: rahul soni <rahulsoni.iiita at gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 9:14 AM
Subject: Request for guidance
To: ebender at uw.edu

Good evening Ma'am,
                          My name is rahul soni doing  mtech from
IIIT-Allahabad(India).I am working on anaphora resolution on dialogue based
system.my corpus is basically like;
Maya; What service i can provide you?
You; I want to purchase *LCD *and some electronic gazzetts wit *it*.
but i realized that stanford parser is not working properly .Ma'am plz plz
suggest me how should i proceed my project as which is better parser for
diaologue based text and how ERG will work for this.plz reply ma'am
Warm thanking you ma'am,

Emily M. Bender
Associate Professor
Department of Linguistics
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