[developers] type hierarchy visualization

Glenn Slayden glenn at thai-language.com
Mon Jun 18 10:45:33 CEST 2012

Thanks Woodley; as luck would have it, I already had the no-GLB option, so
the images without the GLBs can be found here: 


While it's true that these are more representative of authoring effort, they
are perhaps less compelling as objets d'art?  :-)

Clustering can also be applied, giving a representation with structures that
look like haystacks:
ed.html (with and without GLBs, click to enlarge... but again they are very
large and sparse!).


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Nice pictures, Glenn -- that's fun.  I always enjoy creative ways to
visualize data.

If you feel like spending more time on that visualization (which I doubt?),
you might make a version that excludes the inferred GLB types -- that would
remove several "tumors" in the graphs.  Since they are not part of the
authored work, I'd be tempted to consider them less indicative of the level
of knowledge encoded.

There's another similar "tumor" that shows up in the Thai grammar, which
would perhaps be trickier (and perhaps less desirable) to factor out: the
matrix authors explicitly put all the glbs of the head types in, but I
believe only a few of them are actively used in any particular matrix
grammar (someone should correct me here), so it would be interesting to see
what the picture looks like when some of those less interesting types are

Aesthetic kudos to the JaCY developers for avoiding any of those
significantly sized GLB clumps.  I do see several in the ERG (though maybe
none quite so impressive as the head types in the matrix).


On Jun 17, 2012, at 4:53 PM, Glenn Slayden wrote:

> Hi all,
> One way to conceptualize the approximate, relative complexities of 
> rule-based grammars is via a graphical comparison of their type
> The following page displays the type hierarchies of the ERG, Jacy, and 
> a matrix grammar scaled to the same factor.
> http://www.agree-grammar.com/webshare/type-hierarchy-comparison
> You can click on the comparison image to view full-size individual 
> images, but note that those images, which are quite large, may 
> initially appear blank in your browser after downloading, since you 
> may be viewing only the upper left corner.
> Glenn

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