[developers] For Grammar Engineers: requests for anecdotes

Antske Fokkens afokkens at coli.uni-sb.de
Thu Feb 21 12:24:04 CET 2013

Dear fellow delph-in grammar writers,

Emily and I are working on a paper on linguistic hypothesis testing through
grammar engineering and CLIMB.
We would like to include some anecdotes from grammar writer's experience on
problems while changing analyses deeply embedded in the grammar.

We'd therefore like to ask you whether you have some examples of cases
where you either:

1) decided not to try out an alternative approach or change an analysis,
because it was embedded too deeply in the grammar
2) changing an analysis was particularly labor intensive and complex,
because of the same reason
3) you made a decision between alternative approaches only to notice it was
the wrong one after it became much more complex to adapt

Any feedback or input on these issues is very welcome, level of detail is
up to you (though at least some indication of the phenomenon and main issue
would be helpful).

Thank you very much,

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