[developers] Interactive MT not working on KNOPPIX+LKB

Emily M. Bender ebender at uw.edu
Wed May 22 06:46:41 CEST 2013

Dear all,

We've gotten to the MT portion of Ling 567 at UW, and discovered
that the MT set up on the KNOPPIX+LKB system isn't working.  Specifically:

I have the students start with and eng<>ita pair that I know works.
(And Ned at least has it working on LOGON trunk currently.)  They
set up two emacsen, load the source and target grammars, and start
the generator server on the target side.  The values for *translate-grid*
are set appropriately.

When we parse a sentence in the source grammar and select "rephrase",
the target side emacs reports "read 0 MRSs are generator input".  I've
seen this work with exactly this pair of grammars in past years (and
Ned is seeing it work this year), so I suspect the problem has something
to with the file encoding of the .translate.<user>.<iso> file.  I've
captured one of those by turning off the generator server, and it is
(I had to rename it to be able to upload it into gmail for some reason;
the actual file name was as expected.)

Another symptom is that Generate | Display input MRS does nothing,
which suggests that the MRS isn't properly imported --- the grammar doesn't
get a chance to try generating from it.  For completeness, I put the same
grammar (eng) on both sides (and updated *translate-grid* appropriately).
Same behavior.

Here is a little bit more info:

LKB(5): (trace mrs::read-mrss-from-file)
 0[5]: (MRS::READ-MRSS-FROM-FILE #P"/home/ubuntu/tmp/.transfer.ubuntu.ita")
 0[5]: returned NIL #<SIMPLE-ERROR @ #x4bea3d6a>

[21:32:27] translate(): read 0 MRSs as generator input.
LKB(6): (trace mrs::read-mrs-stream)
 0[5]: (MRS::READ-MRSS-FROM-FILE #P"/home/ubuntu/tmp/.transfer.ubuntu.ita")
for input pos 0
                                 @ #x4beb10a2>)
   1[5]: returned-by-throwing to tag IGNORE-ERRORS-1: NIL
           #<SIMPLE-ERROR @ #x4beb3d12>
 0[5]: returned NIL #<SIMPLE-ERROR @ #x4beb3d12>

[21:33:41] translate(): read 0 MRSs as generator input.

Any ideas on what might be going on here, and what kind of work-around I
can offer the students?

Many thanks,

Emily M. Bender
Associate Professor
Department of Linguistics
Check out CLMS on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/uwclma
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