[developers] Getting nil when reconstructing edges from derivations

Ned Letcher nletcher at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 02:50:58 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I've run into some strange behaviour which I'm hoping someone can shed some
light on. I've got some lisp code I'm using to reconstruct the spanning
edge of the first reading for items in profiles:

(defun get-item (i-id profile)
  (first (tsdb::analyze profile
                        :condition (format nil "i-id == ~a" i-id)
                        :thorough '(:derivation))))
(defun get-item-edge (item)
   (tsdb::get-field :derivation
                    (first (tsdb::get-field :results item)))))

The problem is that get-item-edge is returning nil for some items even
though they have derivations. For instance I get a nil result for item
10012800 in ws01 using erg 1212 but all the other parsing items from this
profile are fine:

(read-script-file-aux "~/logon/lingo/erg/lkb/script")
(get-item-edge (get-item "10012800" "/gold/erg/ws01"))
(get-item-edge (get-item "10012820" "/gold/erg/ws01"))

I'm also getting many more of these nil results when running using trunk
erg compared to 1212. When restricted to items with readings, running over
ws01, I get only 1 of these nil results for 1212 and 73 for trunk erg. csli
yields none with 1212 and 1 of these with trunk erg.


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