[developers] Roots in ACE output

Ann Copestake Ann.Copestake at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Aug 19 22:28:35 CEST 2014

So I don't know whether anyone in DELPH-IN has explicitly formalised
the situation where there is more than one root symbol.  One could
extend the definition in the LKB book to allow a set of root symbols Q
and say that the well-formedness condition is that there is any root
symbol in Q that subsumes the relevant feature structure (which is
paired with string list S).  However, if that were all that were going
on, it would make no sense to have a subsumption relationship between
root symbols.  What's actually happening is that we're defining
different classes of well-formed structures according to the
specificity of the root symbol.  Technically, one would probably have
to say there are multiple grammars.  Hence I believe there is some
formal work to be done on the ordered list idea, though I think it's
doable.  (I might have a go tomorrow, since I have a train journey and
plane flight.)



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