[developers] Trouble Seeing Test Suite Instances

Joshua Crowgey jcrowgey at u.washington.edu
Tue Sep 9 01:44:50 CEST 2014

Hi Alec,

I have a `tsdb' binary in my download of the logon tree.  You can open
the terminal and type:

$which tsdb

To see if your $PATH includes a tsdb.

I tried Stephan's command like this:

jcrowgey at citrus:~/ling/delphin/logon/bin$ tsdb -home
~/Desktop/ctn-experiments/tsdb/anonymous/train/14-02-26/ctn-dn-v2/ -verify
jcrowgey at citrus:~/ling/delphin/logon/bin$ echo $?

When I gave it the wrong dir, it replied with an error:

jcrowgey at citrus:~/ling/delphin/logon/bin$ tsdb -home
~/Desktop/ctn-experiments/tsdb/anonymous -verify
find_relations_file(): unable to open
`/home/jcrowgey/Desktop/ctn-experiments/tsdb/anonymous/relations' [2].

You might have that tsdb binary in some other location though and it
might not be on your $PATH.  I think I saw earlier that your delphin
stuff was in /opt, so you might try this to look for a 'tsdb' executable:

$ find /opt -name "tsdb"


On 09/08/2014 04:35 PM, Alexander Sugar wrote:
> Mr. Oepen,
>       Please excuse my computer illiteracy. From where should I be
> introducing the
> tsdb -home <path> -verify
> command?
> Thank you,
> Alec
> On 9/8/14, Stephan Oepen <oe at ifi.uio.no> wrote:
>> colleagues,
>>> The problem seems to be with [incr tsdb()]'s ability to "see" certain
>>> directories on the UbuntuLKB distro.
>> i only have partial context here, but it sounds as if (a) there is a
>> valid skeleton, and (b) running ‘File|Create’ on it shows the
>> ‘creating empty data file’ messages as it should.
>> the ‘no history file’ message should not be a problem.
>> i would recommend inspecting the directory corresponding to the [incr
>> tsdb()] Database Root, where there should be a new sub-directory after
>> the ‘File|Create’ action.
>> [incr tsdb()] will try validating that directory (i.e. the one
>> containing the ‘relations’ and ‘item’ files, together will all those
>> empty ones) using a command like the following:
>>   tsdb -home <path> -verify
>> here, <path> should correspond to the above sub-directory, and the
>> ‘-verify’ should either return with a zero exit(3) code (see ‘man
>> true’), or it should print diagnostic messages that i hope will help
>> resolve the problem.
>> this all is relatively standard [incr tsdb()] territory that has been
>> unchanged for a decade or more.  thus, i am inclined to suspect that
>> some idiosyncrasy of the local setup is at the root of this problem.
>> best, oe

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