[developers] ACE and yzlui

Michael Wayne Goodman goodmami at u.washington.edu
Wed Sep 17 07:20:35 CEST 2014

Thanks, Woodley, that solved my problem, and I appreciate the extra
info on debugging commands.

I've updated a couple wiki pages with this information:


On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 11:44 PM, Woodley Packard
<sweaglesw at sweaglesw.org> wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> ACE automatically closes LUI when its own input stream closes.  This is sometimes not the most helpful behavior, but I find for interactive debugging it's usually pretty convenient to have all the LUI windows disappear when I exit ACE.
> The intended mode of operation when LUI is being used is to run <stdin> yourself rather than echoing something through a pipe -- i.e. run ace and then type the sentence into it.  Right now there's no way to convince ACE not to close LUI down when it exits.  If you're running ACE from a script or program being the scenes, you could try leaving ACE's input open until you're done, though.  Lots of additional debugging features are available as "colon" commands, e.g. after parsing a sentence, use :c to get the chart.  Other examples of commands that are only enabled in LUI mode:
> To see the expanded AVMs of various pieces of the grammar:
> :r sb-hd_mc_c
> :t synsem
> :l sleep_v1
> To compute GLBs (no GUI):
> :g + -
> :g arg0_relation arg12_relation
> To see the local supertypes and subtypes (also no GUI):
> :h head
> Another fun hidden feature -- also no GUI, but it's enabled by LUI mode -- after inputting an MRS (in generation mode):
> :trigger
> That shows what trigger rules fired and why.  If you're curious why a particular rule didn't fire, you can get a more detailed log with:
> :trigger does1_pos_rule3
> Hopefully that helps get you started using the '-l' mode in ACE :-)
> -Woodley
> On Sep 16, 2014, at 1:44 AM, Michael Wayne Goodman <goodmami at u.washington.edu> wrote:
>> Hi Woodley and developers,
>> I tried using ACE with the -l option to display results in LUI, but
>> after the results appeared yzlui closed immediately. The exit code was
>> 0, so I don't suspect it crashed. Is there any way to make the LUI
>> display persist until I manually close it?
>> goodmami at 03-37:~$ ace -V
>> ACE version 0.9.18
>> compiled at 07:45:54 on Feb  6 2014
>> goodmami at 03-37:~$ yzlui -v
>> pangolui version 0.9
>> goodmami at 03-37:~$ echo "Three octopi swim swiftly." | ace -g
>> ~/erg-1212-x86-64-0.9.18.dat -l
>> NOTE: parsed 1 / 1 sentences, avg 2553k, time 0.01673s
>> goodmami at 03-37:~$ echo "$?"
>> 0
>> I got the yzlui binary from http://sweaglesw.org/linguistics/yzlui.x86-64.
>> Aside: The ERG 1212 grammar gave me _octopus_n_1_rel with [ NUM: pl ]
>> for "octopi", but "octopuses" and "octopodes" both resulted in
>> JJ_u_unknown_rels... 😞
>> --
>> -Michael Wayne Goodman

-Michael Wayne Goodman

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