[developers] LOGON and java

Joshua Crowgey jcrowgey at u.washington.edu
Tue Nov 25 20:53:04 CET 2014

Hi developers,

When I put the recommended LOGON lines into my .bashrc I find that the 
java on my $PATH points to a delph-in specific version:

# include LOGON-specific settings
if [ -f ${LOGONROOT}/dot.bashrc ]; then
   . ${LOGONROOT}/dot.bashrc

jcrowgey at cedrus:~/ling/delphin/matrix$ which java

I use these LOGON settings when I want to start LKB in emacs. However I 
can't leave these settings turned on because the repointing of java to 
$LOGONROOT/bin/java doesn't seem to be integrated with other tools using 
java on my system.  So I guess my questions is a two-parter.  The first 
part is simply practical: (1) is there a way to set up LKB to work in 
emacs without messing with java settings?  The second part is for my own 
education: (2) Are there some java programs in LOGON?  If yes, I'm still 
curious why LOGON is distributing a java binary and not simply allowing 
users to run their own java.

Thanks a million!


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