[developers] Lexical rules changing predicate symbols

Emily M. Bender ebender at uw.edu
Thu Dec 31 00:22:14 CET 2015

Dear Ann, Dear all,

I wanted to follow up on a comment Ann made in the recent thread
on predicate naming in MRS.  I've changed the subject line because
I think this is orthogonal to the main discussion in the previous thread.

Ann's comment:

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The case issue also relates to treating the predicates as having a
three-part structure (lexeme/pos/sense) throughout the codebase (with an
option to allow simpler names for toy grammars).  This is something we have
been discussing for a long time ... I believe that this is the right way to
look at predicate symbols in *MRS - i.e., as an additional annotation on
lexemes.  There would be advantages to doing this in the grammar - it
allows for alternations that change sense to be implemented in lexical
rules.  If we do this, then the lexeme part should reflect the conventional
spelling, which might include case variation (and, naturally, non-ASCII


I was surprised by this remark, because lexical rules changing predicate
symbols (if that's what you mean, Ann) strikes me as non-monotonic.
Can you clarify?


Emily M. Bender
Professor, Department of Linguistics
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