[developers] Lexical rules changing predicate symbols

Ann Copestake aac10 at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 31 20:44:25 CET 2015

On 31/12/2015 01:28, Woodley Packard wrote
> However, I don’t see that the class of rules Ann alluded to has to be 
> monotonic.  For example, the lexicon could be underspecified for POS 
> or sense, and lexical rules could specialize that.

I don't actually like this (with my lexical rule hat on) but I agree it 
should be possible (with my supporting useful formal devices hat on)



> -Woodley
>> On Dec 30, 2015, at 3:22 PM, Emily M. Bender <ebender at uw.edu 
>> <mailto:ebender at uw.edu>> wrote:
>> Dear Ann, Dear all,
>> I wanted to follow up on a comment Ann made in the recent thread
>> on predicate naming in MRS.  I've changed the subject line because
>> I think this is orthogonal to the main discussion in the previous thread.
>> Ann's comment:
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>> [...]
>> The case issue also relates to treating the predicates as having a 
>> three-part structure (lexeme/pos/sense) throughout the codebase (with 
>> an option to allow simpler names for toy grammars).  This is 
>> something we have been discussing for a long time ... I believe that 
>> this is the right way to look at predicate symbols in *MRS - i.e., as 
>> an additional annotation on lexemes.  There would be advantages to 
>> doing this in the grammar - it allows for alternations that change 
>> sense to be implemented in lexical rules.  If we do this, then the 
>> lexeme part should reflect the conventional spelling, which might 
>> include case variation (and, naturally, non-ASCII characters).
>> [...]
>> I was surprised by this remark, because lexical rules changing predicate
>> symbols (if that's what you mean, Ann) strikes me as non-monotonic.
>> Can you clarify?
>> Thanks,
>> Emily
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