[developers] Lkb topmenu

John R. Towler jtowler at soncom.com
Sun Jan 3 15:56:02 CET 2016


        I am working on getting an open source compile and build for the
        Lkb.  I have a compile on sbcl with experimental threads.  I am
        running into an error of (:command-table something) needing a
        list as argument.  I have McCLIM and it runs.  It containes an
        example LispListener which runs and has code like the above
        (:command-table unquoted-something).  This is the current
        obstacle.  Clisp compiles also with McCLIM and the Allegro
        compat functions from portableaserve.  Execution dies for clisp
        on lacking threading. This is experimental in clisp.  I would
        appreciate any help, it appears that but for the CLIM macro,
        define-application-frame's argument (:command-table
        lkb-top-command-table) not being a list, this code would run.

        NetBSD-6.1.4, sbcl-1.3.1-plus, cliki.net and common-lisp.net
        open source tools, McCLIM which works for its example code.

        John R. Towler

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