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Emily M. Bender ebender at uw.edu
Fri Mar 4 00:57:42 CET 2016

Dear developers,

I'm wrapping up this year's iteration of Ling 567 and have come to a
about transfer rules. One of our sentences is "Cats chase dogs and sleep".
One of our languages is a VSO language, which doesn't have VP coordination.
It does have subject drop, so the authors of this grammar have translated
sentence as "Tigers (!) chase dogs and [something] sleeps".  We wanted to
see if we could write a transfer rule that would take the VP coordination
from English and make the corresponding S coordination (with subject drop),
worrying only about the case where the second conjunct is an intransitive

We got as far as:

vp-coord-to-s-coord := monotonic_omtr &
 [ CONTEXT [ RELS <! [ PRED "_and_coord_rel",
                       L-INDEX #e1,
               R-INDEX #arg0 ],
                     [ ARG0 #e1,
                       ARG1 #arg1 ] !> ],
   INPUT [ RELS <! [ PRED #pred,
             LBL #lbl,
             ARG0 #arg0,
                     ARG1 #arg1 ] !> ],
   OUTPUT [ RELS <! [ PRED #pred,
                      LBL #lbl,
                      ARG0 #arg0,
                      ARG1 x ] !> ],
   FLAGS.SUBSUME < #arg1 > ].

... which does apply and doesn't spin. However, the coref tag #pred between
and OUTPUT don't seem to be doing any work.  That is, the ARG0 is getting
copied across (the identity between the _and_coord's R-INDEX and the 'new'
EP's ARG0 is there) but the PRED value is getting lost.

Does the LOGON transfer formalism allow for preserving PRED values?  If so,
what is the syntax I should be using?

Many thanks,

Emily M. Bender
Professor, Department of Linguistics
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