[developers] Lexical rules changing predicate symbols

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Thank you for this follow up, Ann. I think I understand your view of
things.  Just one piece
I wanted to follow up on this evening:

> On the other hand, as you said, there are other processes where the
> pattern is regular but with some exceptions, and where the precise semantic
> effect is difficult to pin down.  Much of English derivational morphology
> falls into this class - it is useful to represent the relationship with the
> stem somehow, without claiming that we're capturing everything there is to
> say.  e.g., "unkind" definitely has some relationship with (a sense of)
> "kind", and it's useful to know about that, but there are some
> idiosyncratic aspects of its meaning.   Similarly, I'd say it's useful to
> represent the relationship between nouns denoting dances and the
> corresponding verbs (tango etc), which is productive, but I'm quite content
> to do that via a predicate changing operation.
As I currently understand things, the change in the predicate symbol from
to _tango_v_1 would correlate with:

(1) Change of type of ARG0 from x to e
(2) Addition of ARG1 (of type x)

... or in the other direction:

(1) Change of type of ARG0 from e to x
(2) Removal of ARG1

In other words, I think the predicate changing operation would also have
changes elsewhere in the EP.  Also okay?  (This has implications, btw, for
the analysis
of Lushootseed that Joshua is working on, where there are lots of stems
that seem to
be happy to serve as either nouns or verbs.)


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