[developers] Mac LUI: Right Clicking (ATTN: Woodley)

Chris Curtis cmc3c at uw.edu
Tue Jan 17 20:57:15 CET 2017

I took a look at this (with Woodley's initial pointers) at DELPH-IN this summer, and have a rough outline of how to build it. I still plan to have a go at it once more pressing things are complete. :)


> On Jan 17, 2017, at 2:47 PM, Woodley Packard <sweaglesw at sweaglesw.org> wrote:
> Hi David,
> It is a known problem and a frustrating one.  You can usually get it to work after a couple of tries by control-clicking and then moving the mouse outside of the menu while the menu renders, but it is a bit hit-and-miss, and definitely a bug.  Unfortunately there are so many layers of unmaintained code and deprecated OSX APIs involved there that I'm not sure even where to begin in trying to solve it.  I will take note though that the population of people using the Mac version of LUI and suffering from that bug is increasing... and hopefully some day find a really good way of moving LUI into the 201st or 202nd decade.
> Woodley
>> On 01/17/2017 11:23 AM, David Inman wrote:
>> We (me + Olga + Emily) have discovered that, using the LUI binaries under
>> AceLui on the Wiki, we cannot right click when using LUI under Ace parsing
>> on a Mac. When we ctrl+click (two-finger click does not work), the menu
>> comes up but immediately clicks on the topmost item, rendering that
>> function a little bit useless.
>> Is there a way to get right-click working on the Mac interface?

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