[developers] tsql query to retrieve gold trees?

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Fri Jan 20 12:54:20 CET 2017

hi ned,

> Is there a way to limit query to the actual trees that were selected as
> being gold, or do I have to thin the profile first (or thin the tsdb output
> in a post-processing step)?

i am afraid there is no single TSQL query that will achieve your goal,
in part because of limitations in the query language, in part because
pre-thinning (which includes the process that [incr tsdb()] calls
normalization) the profiles (can) also contain versioning information
of the annotation, i.e. re-annotating an item will just put in an
additional layer of tuples (in the ‘tree’, ‘decision’, and
‘preference’ relations, if memory serves me right) and mark these as

practically, i would always recommend you work on thinned profiles,
also because they are so much faster to turn around, i.e. one might go
from a profile containing hundreds of thousands of derivations (e.g.
500 times 500) to one with less than a thousand.

if, for some reason, you feel strongly compelled to work on
unnormalized profiles, you would have to replicate the nested queries
used in the [incr tsdb()] annotation back-end (see browse-tree() in
‘redwoods.lisp’): for a given item, determine the current ‘t-version’
value; then determine the ‘gold’ parse and result identifiers for this
version in the ‘preference’ relation; finally, pull out the
corresponding derivations.

all best, oe

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